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The Résumé & Portfolio of Merrick S. Henry

Upon completing the Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Kansas State University, Henry began his career as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA (www.scad.edu). Launching a teaching position at the art school helped to broaden his experi­ences as an instructor and artist. Henry's interest in typographic design includes a number of research areas in experiential design with strong emphasis on print and digital development. He has also explored the field of digital illustration by utilizing 3-D software to enhance his technical skills.

Typography has given him the opportunity to communicate and relate to his students through rigorous analysis and research. Through typography, students are able to create unique expressions through individual explorations understanding the true vernacular of typography in the field of graphic design. His teaching focuses on an open communication through presentation, research materials, project definition development and critiques. Professionally, he wants to share his experiences from various travels here and abroad in order to encourage students to become life-long learners who will contribute to the practice of their chosen field.

Professor Henry is an active Associate Adjunct Professor with the University of Maryland Graphic Communication Department (www.umuc.edu). He is also a visiting lecturer, in the Graphic Design Department at the Kansas City Art Institute (www.kcai.edu). Henry is also employed at Hallmark Creative/Visual Retail as a Senior Graphic Designer.


  • 'Cambridge's Who's Who Among Executives and Teachers'
  • 'Young Alumnus Award'.Kansas Wesleyan University. Salina, KS.
  • Download a sample of my professional:: CV:resume::

CV/ Résumé

Merrick Henry joined the graphic design faculty at the Savannah College of Art Design in Fall 2004. His academic interests include Typography, Digital Page + Web Design, and Corporate Identity. Henry was born in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, West Indies. He received his B.A. (2000), Kansas Wesleyan University, and his M.F.A. (2004), Kansas State University, in Visual Communication with emphasis on typography and 3D graphic development. During his graduate studies, Henry was a Research and Teaching Assistant. Upon completing his B.A. degree, Henry served as a Production Assistant with Arliss Studios in Burbank, CA. Henry's responsibilities included art direction and other on site duties with the movies studios. In 2001, he was hired as Public Coordinator/Creative Designer for Middle Georgia College, Cochran, GA.

In 2003-2004, Henry was part of the design team which designed and developed the Mesa National Verde Park Services website, http://www.nps.gov/meve/or http://www.mesaverde2006.org/. During the summers, Henry traveled with several nonprofit organizations including, Amaranth Foundation, and People to People Sports Ambassador Program, to Australia, Austria, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand and Peru. Since coming to SCAD (Savannah College of Art+Design), Professor Henry escorted graduates and undergraduates in graphic design to different workshops and lectures in Denmark, France, Spain, Sweden and The United States. Henry is a member of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) and UCDA (University and Colleges Designers Association). He has worked with Hope for the Blind in Zaria, Nigeria alongside The Amaranth Foundation from Salina, KS.

Awards and honors includes: 2012: 'Savannah Secession Excellence Award', UCDA Annual Conference, Montreal Quebec. 2011: 'Savannah Secession Excellence Award', UCDA Annual Conference Phoenix, AZ. 2010: 'Young Alumnus Award', Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina, KS. 2007: 'Who's Who Among American Teachers & Educators', Savannah College of Art and Design. 2006: 'Cambridge's' Who's Who Amongst Professionals and Executives', Savannah College of Art and Design. 2003-04: 'Winegardner Award For Excellence and Effort', Department of Art and Visual Communications, Kansas State University. 1999-00: 'Designer Recognition Award', Kansas Wesleyan University. 1998-99: 'Student Recognition Award', Kansas Wesleyan University. 1998-00: 'All-American Soccer Award', NSCAA, Kansas Wesleyan University. Adidas All-Regional Athlete, NSCAA/NAIA Conference. Kansas Wesleyan University. 1999: 'Most Improved Player', Kansas Wesleyan University. 1997-98: 'Academic All-Conference Award', Central Valley Conference, Taft College.

  • Download a sample of my professional works and student works ::CV-resume::

Hallmark Creative/Visual Retail - Senior Graphic Designer

September 2016 / November 2017

Creating conceptual solutions for trade shows. Directing the creation of digital solutions while implementing solutions at Hallmark Conventions. Managing a creative design team and active project management roles in the Visual Merchandising Department.

Kansas City Art Institute - Visiting Lecturer/Professor of Graphic Design

August 2014 / Present

Responsibilities include teaching senior and junior graphic design level courses. Curriculum consist of One (1) six credit classes per semester, teaching senior level typography and advanced computer related courses. Each course focuses on research, real-field experiences and historical context through typography and alternative design methods.

Johnson County Community College - Assoc. Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design

August 2014 / Present

Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate level courses online. Curriculum consist of two (2) three credit classes per semester, teaching Drawing I+II and 2D Design. Each course focuses on research, fundamental of design elements and alternative design methods.

University of Maryland University Colleges - Assoc. Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design (Remote/Online)

December 2014 / Present

Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate level courses online. Curriculum consist of two (2) three credit classes per semester, teaching senior level typography and advanced computer related courses. Each course focuses on research, real-field experiences and historical context through typography and alternative design methods.

Saepio Technologies - Graphic Design Engineer

December 2014 / 2015

Responsibilities include creating design templates for leading international companies and nationwide brands. Developing print, web and graphic animations for a variety of visual design campaigns.

Savannah College of Art and Design- Professor of Graphic Design

Fall 2004-2014

Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses (on ground + eLearning). Curriculum consist of four (4) five credit classes per quarter, teaching senior level typography and computer related courses. Instruct and advising graphic design students within the design curriculum. Each course focuses on research, real field experiences and historical context through typography and alternative methods of designs. Design chair of external and internal collegiate committees.

Savannah College of Art and Design- Visiting Professor of Graphic Design

SCAD-Lacoste, France | Winter 2006

Responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in graphic and industrial design. Teaching senior level typography and advanced computer related courses in France, Spain, Denmark, and Sweden. Each course focuses on research, real field experiences and historical context through typography and alternative design methods. A strong emphasis on sub-cultures and experiential design theories.

Kansas State University - Art Department Web Designer

September 2002 / May 2004

Art Department. Manhattan, KS. Responsible for updating/ up-linking information on existing art website. Communicating with faculty and staff regarding valid information and resources for KSU Art website. Knowledge with LAN networking and Internet usage for art department and faculty. Generating/ creating visual graphics and materials to maintain the stability and navigation on the art website.

Kansas State University - Graduate Student Assistantship

September 2001 / June 2004

Responsible for 16-18 students in a digital environment and computer-imaging course. The course provides basic information about graphic design and interactive design. Lecture within a space and instruct students on the latest computer applications in response to the principles of design and visual communication.

Kansas State University - Graphic Designer/Production Artist

September 2001 / June 2002

Kansas State University Regents Educational Communication Center. Manhattan, KS. Bob Dole Hall. Involved with the development of graphic signage for the university's local television coverage for the Kansas Board of Regents to the telecast uplink of sport related broadcast and commercials. Responsible for the design development and maintenance of production sets within each studio.

Kansas State University, KS, M.F.A in Visual Communication

September 2002 / June 2004

Kansas State University Department of Art. Strong emphasis on new media Design, 3-D animation, typography and web design. Visual research upon semantic relationship of design data in the graphic design field within cultures.

Kansas Wesleyan University, KS, B.A in Visual Arts/Graphic Design

January 1998 / June 2000

Strong emphasis upon studio art, photography, ceramics, painting and graphic design.

A collection of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made or acquired by Adobe Systems and other industry leading companies. The collection consists of Adobe's applications (e.g., Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign), that are based on various technologies (e.g., PostScript, PDF, Flash); which reflects my design expertise..

Html / CSS

This is an list of design expertise while using an array of design applications with print and web development.

Adobe Flash CC

Strong proficiency with development of web animation, motion typography and Wordpress widgets.

Adobe After Effects CC

Excellent proficiency with the development of experimental typographic design with emphasis upon 3D Animation rendering.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Excellent proficiency with development for print (vector) and web design (raster). Strong knowledge when working alongside other Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Adobe Illustrator CC

Excellent proficiency with development for print (vector) and web design (raster). Strong knowledge when working alongside other Adobe Creative Suite applications.

Adobe Ligthroom

Good proficiency with the development of raster images for web and print production.

Adobe InDesign CC

Excellent proficiency with print development, multi-page design and social media application accessibility.

Maxon Cinema 4D

Strong proficiency with 2D-4D animation development for character design, web design and print production.

A list of professional clients while working in the educational and professional practice.

Client List

  • Amaranth Foundation
  • Auntie Anne's Franchise
  • Audi
  • Bentley Motors
  • Brinker International
  • Cars.com
  • CVS
  • Dippin Dots
  • Disney
  • Elf On A Shelf
  • Hardrock International
  • Holy Names University
  • Johnson and Johnson Co.
  • LucasFilms
  • Mattel
  • Mesa Verde National Park, National Park Service
  • ProBuild
  • The ClayWolf Company, Identity development
  • The Society for Photographic Education
  • Ty Company
  • UnityPoint


  • UCDA Design Excellence, Montreal, Quebec : 2012
  • UCDA Design Excellence, Seattle, WA : 2011
  • UCDA Design Excellence, Phoenix, Az: 2010
  • Alumnus Award, Kansas Wesleyan University: 2010
  • SCAD Faculty Campaign Recognition: 2008
  • Who's Who Among American's Teacher: 2007
  • Cambridge's Who's Who Among Executives and Teachers: 2006
  • Winegardner Award for Excellence and Effort: 2003
  • Designer Recognition Award: 1999
  • Designer Recognition Award: 1998
  • All-American Award/Collegiate Level: 1999-00


  • Typographic Development. Hoefler Jones. AIGA, Kansas City, MO.2017
  • DESIGN MATTERS. Hallmark Cards. Kansas City, MO. 2017
  • AIGA 'VOTE Poster Exhibition.' Kansas City, MO. 2016
  • SCAD 'Typography Workshop/Santa Catalina School.' Monterey Bay, CA, 2013
  • UCDA 'Melange.' Montreal, Quebec, 2012
  • Edna Manley College Rex-Nettleford Arts Conference, Oct 2011
  • Conceptual Web Design Framework, Avila University, March 2009
  • AIGA Design Conference. Round table discussion with Steven Heller, March 2007
  • Duffy and Partners, Savannah College of Art and Design, Interviewed by Prof. Henry, April 2007
  • Allen Hayley's Typography Lectures, SCAD, Fall 2008
  • Alain Le Quernec, Polish Poster, Lacoste, France, Winter 2006
  • A Designer's Journey, Prof. Henry, Abuja, Nigeria, March 2006


  • Mr. Murad Dibbini
    Claremont School of Theology, Claremont, CA.

  • Dr. Linda Lawrence
    Amaranth Foundation, Salina, KS.

  • Dr. Steve Maradian
    Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA


Visual Communication practice is a dominant component of daily life in today's visual society. The universal interest and use of the Internet is a fundamental example. Today a graphic designer needs to be aesthetically aware, intellectually inquisitive, and technologically proficient. The prepared professional in this competitive atmosphere will need to know numerous approaches to solving conceptually visual problems in our society. Students must be competent in both design and production while upholding a strong responsibility to the environment. The computer has blurred the boundaries between the traditional design roles. This exhilarating time in our profession offers challenges and opportunities to the aspiring student. The one that makes it can be proud of their achievements and successes. What are Henry's purposes and goals in teaching Graphic Design? His purpose in teaching graphic design is apparent when seeing the work presented in the exhibition. Essentially, it is to gain insight and knowledge through a rigorous sketching process, aesthetic development, and semiotic analysis in the field of graphic design. For the student, this involves long hours and hard work (mentally and physically) at sometimes-tedious tasks. Through these simple exercises, they can perfect their manual skills, develop a clear thought process, and begin the search for excellence solutions.

Henry's intention is to mentally and physically prepare students to appreciate the fundamentals and principles of design while using advanced technology and software to create effective design solutions. He hopes to encourage students to be innovative and to understand the backdrop of design history with focus aimed at sustainability. Although many students within the curriculum are unaware of what to do once they've entered into a graphic design course, his goal is to guide them in the direction where they themselves begin to make quality choices and decisions. As Wolfgang Weingart expresses in his teachings at the Basel School of Design," Individual Exploration."- is the key to understanding one's path and visual journey. In the end, strong responsibilities, reason, experimentation and history become core essentials in becoming a rich visual communicator. Henry's cultural perspective on society has sculpted him with valuable knowledge on different cultures and demographics. In return, he hopes to share the tools, experiences and wisdom, from his teachings, as it will help mold the minds of young designers within the education arena. The goal for design students is universal, it is to help them achieve at the highest level...


Merrick Henry's current research and work focuses on experiential methods in the design process--adapting design and creative processes to help with cognitive development through design education. His work specifically focuses on the mapping of ideas, place and space as a formative research and analytic tool. He is the author of several eLearning courses, seminars, workshops, and experimental collaborative design projects that seek to bring various design voices into a dialogue of thinking and making. Henry's involvement with non-profit organizations such as Hope for the Blind (Kano State, Nigeria), Amaranth Foundation (Salina, KS.) and People to People Sports Ambassador Program in Spokane, WA, enables him to bring 'real-world' issues to the educational arena for discussions and critiques.

Henry's love for typography and art direction has helped student based-projects earned high marks and recognition through professional organizations such as AIGA and UCDA (University and College Designers Association) annual design competitions. His professional leadership and guidance as earn him several awards from 'Who's, Who Amongst Executives to other honors such as 'Young Alumnus Award' from Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina, KA.

Interest Area(s)

Culture-centered Experiential Research

ELearning development for visual communication studies

Typographic Development, Alternative Design Processes

"...it is to gain insight and knowledge through a vigorous sketching process, aesthetic development, and semiotic analysis in the field of graphic design."

– -prof henry. (Quote #1)

Perfect typography is certainly the most elusive of all arts. Sculpture in stone alone comes near it in obstinacy.

– -Jan Tschichold. (Quote #2)

It has to do with 'mood-setting' before the message is delivered. Typography is a hidden tool of manipulation within society. All schools should be teaching typography; we should be fundamentally aware of how typographic language is forming out assholes.

– -Neville Brody.(Quote #3)

Creative Ideas

What's involved in the design process? A: Once we've agreed on the cost and deadline for your graphic design job, we'll put our heads together to discuss more details. We may have an in-person meeting if you're in the vicinity or by Skype, or you may provide details by phone or email. A deposit will be needed before work begins. I'll present a first draft by email in PDF format. With your input, I'll proceed to polish the design project into final form. Once you review this refined PDF, I'll make your final changes. The final PDF will be emailed for your sign off. Once the balance of the amount due has been paid, I can then upload all necessary files to your server or your printer, or for website design, your site will go live.

Design & Production

Need some consultation?

Can we talk on the telephone? A: Absolutely! I would love to talk with you. I don't post my phone number on the Internet, but once we establish a working relationship, I'll be happy to provide it. You're welcome to call me between 8:30am to 5:00pm Eastern time, weekdays...

Logo/Corporate Identity

Need a Logo?

Why do I need a logo? A: You want to be the business that others remember, the one that stands out above your competitors. Your logo helps elevate you by giving you a professional look and by making you memorable to others. Your logo will help your current customers remember you later and attract future customers. When properly designed, your logo conveys that you are credible, trustworthy, and professional. I would love to talk more about your design ideas and proposals for a successful logo and identity development

Colloboration work

Need to be Heard?

Collaboration is a two-way transmission. There will be times when you will have to speak, and there will be times when you will need to sit down and listen to what is being shared. In the process of working, collaboration is one factor that workers must have to reach their goals or be successful on the project they are working on...c'mon, let's get a project going.

Design blog

Inspirational desgn thougths?

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Exhibition Galleries


A list of Graphic Design students [2012] Carlos Baez, Aaron Beattie, M.K. Butler, Alissa Neal, Dan Ogren, Qian Sun, Aaron D. Sutherlen. [2011] Erin Mercurio, Krisna MacDonald, Ramona Todoca, Lauren Oswald, Jamie Slater, Elizabeth Heywood, Steve Zimmerman [2010] Matt McInerney, Nicholas McMillan, Greg Mihalko, Zac Orangio, Melissa Rhyner, Lynn Schneider, Kathleen Scudder. [2009] Seth Akkerman, Matt Martino, Caitlyn Ingoldsby, James Carter, Derek Black, Courtney Hurst, Trevor Conrad. [2008] Derek Harms, Eddie Jacobson, Cassandra Perez, Sean Foster, Leah Jewer, Leslie Penland. [2007] Ping Chen, Christine Hancock, Jim Hargreaves, Becca Skinner, Clarissa Soto, Alex Westray, Cortney Williams. [2006] Tim Harrington, Nina Diab-Ghanem, Swathi Ghanta, Mark Schnoebelen, Mandi Bleidorn, Larissa Nadja Thut, Haynes Riley, Devin O'bryan.


Savannah Secession is SCAD's annual juried graphic design show for undergraduate and graduate students. Each year, the faculty hand selects a group of graduating students and directs them to create a design campaign about their educational experiences. Professor Henry served as art director, working closely with the students on the branding development and production delivery of the exhibition. The final product of the 'Savannah Secession' exhibition is used as a recruitment tool; which as received numerous awards of 'Excellence' in the 'Integrated Campaign' category at the UCDA Design Conferences and other leading competitions throughout the country.


Secession 2011 is an opportunity for the top graduating graphic design students from the SCAD Savannah, Atlanta, Hong Kong, and eLearning campuses to have their work showcased. As visual communicators, we navigate through networks of information. While these relationships form across groups of people as well as between digital and handmade processes, our thoughts shift into a growing system of visual metaphors. Join the network. Students that worked on the design team: *Krisna MacDonald, Erin Mercurio, Steve Zimmerman, Jamie Slater, Ramona Todoca, and Lauren Mae Oswald.

Other Projects

Amaranth Foundation!

" Amaranth Foundation exists to help communities achieve their full potential. The activities are mainly directed to children with visual and physical disabilities in the United States and the Developing World. The foundation partners with other organizations and institutions in the US and the Developing World, and develops new programs as needed."

Giang Nguyen SCAD/MA 2012. ODIN Identity Systems.

Giang Nguyen creates branding for men's grooming supplies aimed at the new dandy. This is a student project for Savannah College of Design, MA in Graphic Design program. Identity & packaging design for ODIN, a company producing and retailing men's grooming supplies & skincare. The brand targets contemporary, young, dandy gentlemen. ODIN promotes the qualities: gentlemanly, wise & poetic. Classic but not ritual, old-school but not hipster-like, fashionable but not fancy, refined but not luxurious. The design solution has the look and feel of old apothecary sold by sailors at the port in the old world. The packaging design aims to promote that ODIN's products are naturally made, hand-made and finely-crafted, limited & made to order rather than commodities industrially mass-produced.

Professor Merrick Henry (Professor/Advisor)

Olga VinoKurova. SCAD/MFA 2012. Triptych Designs.

The main goal is to inspire and motivate the prince to engage into biking, and serve as a good role model for his citizens. Norwegian crown princess Mette-Marit already participated in the "Cycle to Work" movement, and drew a lot of attention to the issue.1 Her act also had a very positive impact on the royal family's image. I hope that my solution will stimulate the prince to continue these good practices. In terms of format, I suggest using a triptych composed of three framed posters. The posters will be placed on a wall in the prince's bedroom, in front of his bed. Every morning, he will see the beautiful designs, and they will inspire him to contribute to the bicycle's popularity.

Professor Merrick Henry (Professor/Advisor)

Emily Obereder SCAD/MFA 2009. Kriegsblume [War Flower].

Print design is no doubt changing and shifting course and it is up to graphic designers to ultimately steer that course towards something more expressive, more meaningful, and more valuable. The student aimed to support the idea that quality will win out over quantity in print design, as is the case for all lasting and true art forms. In support of this argument, the goal was to create something of artistic significance that uses highly tactile graphic design to convey the personal story and historical significance of the grandmother's life in World War II Germany. Here is a story that is deeply personal to the student and how they have chosen to use voice as a visual communicator to express and share her life's human and historical meaning.

Professor Merrick Henry (Thesis Consultant/Advisor)

Jill Nemec SCAD/MFA SUMMER 2009. If Walls Could Talk.

The Benefits of Improved Collaboration Between Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic Design. The total integration of graphic design, interior design, and architecture can only be achieved through full collaboration, the synthesis of ideas, and by giving a holistic perspective to designing. The design team must understand the contributions and problem solving techniques of all disciplines to prevent one discipline taking a backseat to another. This collaboration is important and will result in a more cohesive and powerful design, which uses the different skill sets to push and challenge each discipline.

Professor Merrick Henry (Thesis Chair/Advisor)

Creative Galleries

A collection of personal designs.


Design Templates.


"To educate yourself for the feeling of gratitude means to take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kind that will stand behind the action. Nothing that is done for you is a matter of course. Everything originates in a will for the good, which is directed at you. Train yourself never to put off the word or action for the expression of gratitude."
--Albert Schweitzer.

I would like to say 'THANK YOU' to all the students listed below. It's evident that your hardwork and effort have truly helped shaped me into a better visual communicator and person.

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